Turtles all the way down

The Matrix, Dark City, They Live… TheseĀ films have captured the attention of people for decades for a reason which is that many of us sense that the reality we inhabit is somehow false and not for a good reason.

However, many people realize that there is something fundamentally wrong with reality and while many of us catch glimpses of shadows of the reasons, few can put together an accurate picture of just what it is that is going on.

The problem is that we only see the peripheral issues rather than the root.

We see racial and societal conflicts that divide people. We see economic conflicts which are making most of the population poor. We see healthcare and lifestyle conflicts which seem to be making most of us sick and unhealthy. We see educational conflicts which seem to be intent on making people less educated and more angry.

All of these issues are blamed on stupid leaders or “them” as part of the us vs them strategy of division and distraction. We laugh about “incompetent” politicians who just don’t get why it’s a bad idea to import cheap foreign workers to displace the locals. Why it’s a bad idea to do away with preventative care and then make actual healthcare unaffordable. We post a quip on Facebook or Twitter mocking the person making these changes and congratulate ourselves on our sophistication at poking fun at them.

Meanwhile, the changes continue.

It doesn’t matter who is in charge. Democrats, Republicans, Bernie Sanders, Justin Trudeau — no matter who ends up at the wheel, the changes continue. Campaign promises are broken and the change and hope that so many believed in is once again lost, at least until the next campaign cycle.

We have our scapegoats. Muslims, H1Bs, gay marriage, white people, pot smokers, heavy metal music, video games, atheists, etc, etc. We fixate on one or more of the above as the reason why things are going badly. The media and politicians are keen to reinforce this. “Yes, let’s blame China for killing the economy – it’s really hard out there and those bastards are the reason why.”

The reason that things continue to get worse is because most people have an attention span of about three weeks. Anything that happens more than three weeks ago simply no longer factors into their thought process. Remember Black Lives Matter? Exactly.

Perhaps you are reading this and thinking I’m a crackpot. Perhaps you’ve lost interest. After all, who the fuck cares, right? I totally get that. It’s probably better not to care and simply go back to whatever more entertaining thing you were doing before.

If, however, this strikes a chord within you, then I thank you for reading and I will promise you this. I am not selling anything, I don’t even want to be recognized for any of this as many of us know thatĀ the consequences of exposing truths these days are often life-ending. My only hope is to share some of what I have observed in a palatable way in the desire that others who also sense that there is something wrong might find this to be a light in a dark place.